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Webinar Modules

Missed a webinar session you’d really like access to? Watch back and continue to up-skill in your own time and from the comfort of your own home. Keep an eye on this page for new additions and take the opportunity to develop your knowledge during your downtime!


Disability ‘Support Network’

½ CPD Point

This programme looks at some of the facts around special needs within the UK at present and help us re-think how we integrate swimmers in to classes.

SEND and Swimming

½ CPD Point

This programme looks at specific Disability Characteristics & Teaching Considerations which will enable you to feel more confident in your delivery as a teacher.

An Emotional Approach to Baby Swimming

½ CPD Point

Jo and Christian Wilson talk about their experiences from their classes and swim school, as well as working with health and wellbeing professionals through Aqua Sensory.

Using Songs and Rhymes to Boost Learning

½ CPD Point

This webinar aims to cover some of the common challenges associated with singing in a swim class setting, and will explore ways in which as teachers we can help to overcome them.

Reach for the Stars – Start Your Own Swim School

This is the perfect webinar for all those that have wanted to go out alone after working for a company or always just taught a few private clients and wanted to expand towards a full school and brand.

Supporting Disabilities within a Swim School

½ CPD Point

Join us for a 3-hour online CPD session with STA Tutor, Mark McNichol to find out how you can support children who may have additional needs – albeit undiagnosed.

Introduction to Visual Supports

½ CPD Point

Join the Autism Swim Team to discuss key visual supports, who they benefit and how they can be incorporated as you transform your lessons to be fun, safe and empowering for swimmers of all abilities!

Aquatic Games with COVID Considerations

½ CPD Point

Takeaway fresh new ideas on how to use equipment, set up your pool and considerations during the current climate, ready for a return to lessons.

Aquatic Games for the Festive Season

½ CPD Point

Join us for some seasonal cheer as we share fun aquatic game ideas for Christmas and New Year, whilst taking you on a trip around the world!

Digital Marketing Planning

½ CPD Point

Join us for an introduction to the core principles, the channels and purpose of digital marketing.

Behaviour Support Plans

½ CPD Point

Join Autism Swim’s CEO and Senior Behaviour Specialist Erika Gleeson as she talks through all things Behaviour Support Plans (BSP’S).