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Introduction to Visual Supports

Many individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other abilities have difficulties processing, retaining and manipulating auditory information. This means that verbal instructions alone are often not enough to promote participation in aquatic programs.

A swimmer who is sensitive to auditory information may become overwhelmed by multiple verbal instructions, while another swimmer may miss the instructions all together. Visual supports are a powerful tool in any swimming lesson, and can set your swimmer up for a successful lesson by:

  • Providing clear expectations and boundaries;
  • Demonstrating a clear lesson structure;
  • Allowing choice and control in the lesson;
  • Providing motivation to complete a specific activity;
  • Reducing likelihood of challenging behaviours which result from confusion or frustration during lessons.

Join the Autism Swim Team to discuss key visual supports, who they benefit and how they can be incorporated as you transform your lessons to be fun, safe and empowering for swimmers of all abilities!

This programme contains a full webinar recording which has already taken place, delivered by Jess Thackeray (Autism Swim).

CPD Value
½ Point

Validity of Programme
This programme does not expire.
Length of Programme
Approximately 55 minutes.
Assessment Criteria


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