Approved Training Centres

Safety Training Awards specialises in qualifications for the leisure industry and is regulated by Ofqual (England), Qualifications Wales, CCEA (Northern Ireland) and accredited by SQA Accreditation (Scotland).

Our aim as an awarding organisation is to promote consistency, high standards and learner/public confidence in the qualifications we make available.

In order to deliver STA regulated qualifications you must become an Approved Training Centre (ATC). An ATC is any business, organisation or tutor which has the required resources and competence to deliver, tutor, assess and quality assure qualifications whilst meeting our approval criteria.

The ATC model includes any business, organisation or tutor who wish to offer regulated qualifications. This could be an educational establishment, such as a school or college, or a training provider.

The ATC Model

Awarding Organisation Regulators

Ofqual (England), Qualifications Wales (Wales), Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA, Northern Ireland), SQA Accreditation (Scotland)

Safety Training Awards (STA)

The awarding organisation, responsible for developing qualifications and providing oversight of assessment and delivery

External Quality Assurers (EQA)

Works with Safety Training Awards to monitor the activity of Internal Quality Assurers, and to ensure the integrity of qualifications and assessment delivery

Approved Training Centre (ATC)

A business, organisation or tutor who delivers Safety Training Awards’ qualifications

Centre Co-Ordinator

The main point of contact within the approved training centre responsible for day-to-day centre activity

Internal Quality Assurer (IQA)

Responsible for monitoring the activity of tutors and assessors

STA Tutors

Delivers courses to learners undertaking Safety Training Awards’ qualifications

STA Assessors

Assesses the learners to ensure they have met the standards required to pass the course


The end-user who attends a Safety Training Awards course to gain a qualification

How to Become an Approved Training Centre (ATC)

There is no cost to to gain ATC status with Safety Training Awards.

To become an ATC, businesses/organisations/tutors need to gain centre approval status with Safety Training Awards by reading and understanding the ATC manual and by completing an application form, providing evidence that they have the resources, policies and procedures in place to ensure continuous adherence to the relevant regulations and requirements. The ATC manual, application form and all other resources for ATCs are available to download from the resources section of our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ATC model will be implemented in phases. To meet regulatory requirements we have set a deadline of Wednesday 1st August 2018 for our members to implement this model and submit completed ATC agreements to us at
There are no costs to become an ATC or any annual fees, but costs will apply for External Quality Assurance (EQA) activities. This will be up to a maximum of £250 annually, however the amount is determined based on the risk rating of the centre. For lower risk rated ATCs, the EQA activity can be conducted remotely via desk-based activities rather than a visit, which may reduce the cost. Higher risk centres may need additional EQA activities so may be subject to additional costs (more information on this can be found in the ATC manual within the ATC pack).
Yes, everyone who wishes to offer Safety Training Awards qualifications must apply to become an ATC.
Becoming an ATC with Safety Training Awards will allow you to implement a robust model of internal and external quality assurance on the qualifications you deliver which will ensure they remain at the highest standards, gaining public confidence in the courses your centre delivers.
Yes, you can fulfil more than one role as long as the job roles and workloads are managed in accordance with Safety Training Awards approval criteria. For example, the centre co-ordinator can tutor and assess qualifications but is unable to complete internal quality assurance activities on their own delivery and assessment, this must be an independent person.
Yes, they can. If you have not declared this on the ATC centre agreement, then please notify Safety Training Awards by emailing with the details of the new appointed tutor/assessor. You must issue the new ATC tutor agreement to all STA tutors which has been put in place to support the ATC approval criteria.
This list is not exhaustive, here are a few examples:

  • You must meet Safety Training Awards’ approval criteria
  • Meet Safety Training Awards’ requirements to deliver and assess regulated qualifications
  • To provide adequate training facilities and equipment to learners
  • Issue all pre-course information to learners and support them throughout the learner journey
  • Deliver and assess all qualifications in accordance with Safety Training Awards’ qualification specifications
  • Maintain accurate records to meet Safety Training Awards’ and legislative data retention requirements.
The approval criteria is linked to the regulatory requirements, condition C2 of the General Conditions of Recognition. Please refer to the ATC manual and ATC centre agreement for more information.

To meet the ATC approval criteria, you must have sufficient resources, systems, policies and procedures in place to ensure there is no negative impact on any learner journey.

Still have a question? We’re happy to support businesses/organisations that wish to become an ATC or that are undergoing the application process. Please contact us if you have any questions about the ATC model or the application process.