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Pool Plant Operations

The Pool Plant Operations qualification is the highest level of training available for those who are responsible for the management and maintenance of swimming pools, spas and interactive water features.

It reflects the most up-to-date requirements and standards for pool plant operations, with a robust syllabus which covers all aspects that are vital to running a wet leisure facility and maintaining healthy and hygienic water including: water testing, disinfection, pool water chemistry, dosing, mechanical operations, heating, energy efficiency, management practices, health & safety and more!

This qualification also meets CIMSPA’s employer-led pool plant operative professional standard.

How Will the Qualification Benefit You?

  • Created by STA’s pool plant experts to provide you with quality training
  • Regulated by Ofqual
  • Training is in accordance with industry best practice and guidance from PWTAG, British and European Standards, HSG 179 and other HSE sources
  • Meets CIMSPA’s employer-led pool plant operative professional standard and the essential knowledge and skills that are needed to meet the requirements of the sectors minimum deployment standard
  • Will give you comprehensive knowledge on the maintenance and management of swimming pools, spas and interactive water features
  • It qualifies you as the responsible person for pool plant management and maintenance at your wet leisure site.

When You Get Your Qualification

  • It lasts for 5 years, 2 years longer than similar qualifications.

Renewals / Revalidations / Conversions

  • If it’s coming up to the expiry of your qualification and you want to renew it, or you wish to convert a qualification from another awarding body, you may be eligible to do a shorter course
  • Existing qualifications can be used as recognised prior learning (RPL) to reduce the number of hours on a course, however the assessment remains the same as a full course
  • Revalidation courses can be ran over 1-2 days (dependant on knowledge, experience and occupational competence of the learners)
  • Distance learning is another option, completing the qualification in your own time by completing the revalidation/conversion online process.

How to Take Your Qualification Further

If you use your qualification to manage a wet leisure site, it may mean that you induct staff on how to do conduct water tests as part of their job role. If you enjoy teaching other people, and passing on your knowledge and experience, why not look at becoming a pool plant tutor, which would allow you to qualify other people in pool plant training?

Interested? Before You Get Started…

You’ll need to make sure you’ve met the following requirements before you attend your course:

  • Be at least 16 years of age

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