Considering a Career in Leisure?

If you want to work in a safe, enjoyable and rewarding environment, meeting new people and working as part of a team to help customers and ensuring the wellbeing of others, you could work in a leisure facility or health club as a lifeguard or pool emergency responder.

Get Your Career Started

You could be a keen swimmer or local swim school volunteer, or perhaps you work in a gym that has a swimming pool; many people who have a career within leisure begin as lifesavers, then move their way upwards through the industry developing their skills with further training and qualifications.

Who Are STA and How Can We Help You?

Safety Training Awards is an awarding organisation which offers and certificates vocational qualifications across a range of disciplines. These qualifications are designed to meet both legal requirements and national occupational standards for various industries, providing you with the confidence and reassurance to develop your career professionally.

STA’s suite of lifesaving qualifications can be used as a fantastic stepping stone to get you started on an incredible journey by providing you will the skills and knowledge you will need to develop your career.

Once You’re Qualified

Whilst working in a leisure centre with your lifesaving qualification, you might find an interest in other roles within the site. Many personal trainers, swimming teachers and gym instructor were once (or still are) lifeguards!

Our qualifications are recognised across the country in a wide variety of leisure facilities, as well as internationally; you can take advantage of travelling with your qualification and potentially earning as you explore.

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