Endorsement Policy

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Endorsement Purpose

Safety Training Awards recognises the importance of continuing professional development (CPD) in order to maintain occupational competency and ensure people are developing and expanding their skills and knowledge to improve their performance in the workplace/role.

Safety Training Awards’ endorsement criteria ensures only fit for purpose and high quality products receive Safety Training Awards endorsement. This recognition gives credibility and value to the product being offered, and reassurance to people undertaking them that they are being provided with a beneficial, industry relevant product.

In order to receive endorsement, the product must meet STA’s charity objectives, be relevant to industry needs and develop or expand a person’s skills and or knowledge in relation to their role. Products which would receive endorsement include seminars, workshops, conferences or industry training. Any products similar to current products or qualifications offered by STA will not be endorsed.

On successful completion of the endorsement, centres* will receive a confirmation letter with the terms and conditions of the endorsement and the Safety Training Awards endorsement logo which can be used in reference to the endorsed product.

Endorsement Process

To apply for Safety Training Awards endorsement, centres must submit:

  • A completed endorsement application form
  • Copies of supporting resource materials in support of the application, for example, a timetable, scheme of work, presentation, learner handouts
  • Payment of the endorsement assessment fee (£50).

Endorsement Application Form

To submit an application for endorsement, all of the above must be submitted to qualificationdevelopment@safetytrainingawards.co.uk.

On receipt of a completed endorsement application form including supporting resource materials and payment, Safety Training Awards will review the application and respond with feedback within 28 days to the centre. This will confirm the endorsement, or the assessor may require further clarification or evidence before an endorsement decision can be made.

Safety Training Awards endorsement is valid for 24 months, providing there have been no changes to the product or supporting resource material. Safety Training Awards must be notified if there is a change or update to the product or product delivery in order to review the endorsement.

After the initial endorsement, centres are eligible to extend the endorsement following a product review by submitting the request in writing, to qualificationdevelopment@safetytrainingawards.co.uk, with confirmation that there have been no changes to the original supporting resource material.

* It is not a requirement to be an approved training centre (ATC) to apply for an endorsement; when the term ‘centre’ has been used it refers to ATCs, tutors or organisations who have a product they would like endorsing.

Last Updated: 15th June 2021