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WG Coaching: Swimming’s Unanswered and Biggest Questions – Talent, Technique and Training

Coaching is learning. And so much of learning comes from asking tough questions – from being inquisitive – from having an enquiring mind.

Swimming is full of unanswered questions including:

  • TALENT: What is talent? How do you measure talent? At what age does talent show itself?
  • TECHNIQUE: How important is technique and how to best develop it? Are there other ways of developing and correcting technique than drills?
  • TRAINING: What’s the best way to train swimmers? What’s the right mix of speed, strength, power and endurance? How can you individualise training for each swimmer within a squad training environment?

During this webinar Wayne will look at three of swimming’s unanswered – and biggest questions and offer some ideas and innovative approaches to help answer them.

CPD Value
½ Point
Validity of Programme
This programme does not expire.
Length of Programme
Approximately 60 minutes.
Assessment Criteria

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