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WG Coaching: Coaching and COVID

In these uncertain and unclear times, it is important that coaches and teachers seek to provide swimmers and families with some degree of certainty and clarity.

That’s not to say, the corona virus isn’t challenging, difficult and even a little frightening for swimming coaches and teachers, but there are ways that aquatic professionals can design, develop and deliver engaging coaching environments and training activities which achieve learning objectives in a safe, nurturing program setting.

In this programme, we will discuss helping swimmers to resume their swimming programs from a holistic perspective.

We will examine the physical, mental / emotional, technical / skills and tactical / strategic elements of the post-covid training resumption period and present ways for coaches and teachers to create effective, supportive learning environments for swimmers of all ages.

This programme contains a full webinar recording which has already taken place, delivered by Wayne Goldsmith (International Sports Coaching Expert).

CPD Value
½ Point
Validity of Programme
This programme does not expire.
Length of Programme
Approximately 52 minutes.
Assessment Criteria

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