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CTA CPD 2 Advanced Aquaphobia Coach

This product is supplied and supported by The Institute of Aquaphobia. Please email if you have any questions.

The CTA CPD 2 “Advanced Aquaphobia Coach” further expands upon the theoretical elements of CPD1, in a live online classroom environment, allowing for discussion and an interactive learning experience. With up to ten other like-minded swimming professionals, also focusing upon the practical aspects of interviewing, lesson planning and teaching the ALP system in the water. Includes an STA endorsed e-certificate and 5 CIMSPA points.

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CPD Value
1 STA CPD Point
Validity of Programme
Advanced Aquaphobia Coaches will be required to do 2 x 2 hour update training sessions per year (charged at £29.99).
Length of Programme
Approximately 5 hours plus lesson planning and recording your role play lesson.
Programme Information
This programme covers:

  • Trauma from water experiences
  • Role play from real life stories
  • Calculating the degree of an individual’s aquaphobia
  • Understanding the CTA Fear Curve
  • CTA digital lesson planning, storage and cloud retrieval.
Assessment Criteria
Pool test with short video of practical lesson.
Save money with our bundle option:

You can make a big saving when you buy CTA 1 & CTA 2 at the same time as a bundle version. CTA 1 must be completed before taking CTA 2. CTA 2 courses run on a regular basis, so you can plan in your study time to suit your work schedule (flexible learning).

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CPD 2 is a 5 hour digital, online, face to face, tutor led training session that further expands upon the theoretical elements of CPD1 in a live online classroom environment, allowing for discussion and an interactive learning experience with up to ten other like-minded swimming professionals. It will focus on how to interview and prepare your client for their lessons.


Additional Resources

The ALP FastTrack user’s guide (Green)
Summarises the details of the courses and the products with the end users comments.

The ALP Orange Book
Pre-learning & Activity Sheets for CTA have been supplied to you prior to entering the course to gain key facts and knowledge needed to be able to complete this digital training programme. Please allocate sufficient time to read and digest this. As part of the CTA App, you will have access to video footage of the ALP Stages 1-12. The videos are a combination of Aquaphobic real clients and professional demonstrations. This is complemented by five different heartfelt video interviews with people who talk about why they are so fearful of water. Looking into what caused their phobia and how seriously it has affected their lives’ and consequently that of their family and friends. Included in this book are numbered Activity Sheets, these will be used extensively over the course, you can refer to them at any time.

The ALP Red Book
The A,C’s Tool Kit, describes how Aquaphobia Coaches can undertake the interview process during the client’s induction, at their first lesson on their ALP aquaphobia course. This book includes a scripted dialogue and a numbered check list of the important items covered at the interview. Please complete each section, you can also leave notes at the bottom of each page.

The ALP Mauve Book
ALP Stages 1-12 Aquaphobia Coaches Instruction Manual
A fully qualified instructor takes participants through an individualised and graded programme of aquatic activities. This allows the participant to gain confidence whilst at the same time learn the basic principles of enter, stand, float, move and breathe in the water. This book provides a qualified A.C with the complete step by step guide to teaching ALP Stages 1-12 in the pool. The instructions for each stage are clearly laid out in three columns: 1. Teaching Activity 2. Teaching Points 3. Top Tips (For each activity within the programme) Go with the ALP flow.


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