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Artistic Swimming – Experience, Explore & Expression Bundle

Bring the joy of swimming to a wider audience with the industry’s first ever series of online artistic swimming CPDs—created in collaboration with the world’s leading professional artistic swimming team, Aquabatix.

These CPDs have been developed to inspire level 2 swimming teachers or professionals with an aquatics background to expand their skill set and swimming programmes. ‘Experience’ focuses on five key areas which will enable teachers to deliver a comprehensive beginners experience of artistic swimming.

In ‘Explore and Expression’ you will progress from the skills you learned in the Experience CPD – and teach you ways in which you can encourage your participants to explore artistic swimming and express themselves in the water.

For a lot of the movements and drills in the second CPD, there is no right or wrong. We want you to allow lots of freedom for expression, imagination and variety.

CPD Value
1 STA CPD Point
Validity of Programme
This programme does not expire.
Length of Programme
Approximately 4 hours
Programme Information

    • Body balance and awareness in water
    • Sculling, propulsion and rotation
    • Artistic swimming strokes and sequences, and how to synchronise them
    • Eggbeater
    • Teamwork, formation and sequences

‘Explore & Expression’

  • Breath control
  • Underwater swimming
  • Exploring body movement, space and shapes as individuals, partners or in groups
  • Simple choreography
  • Teamwork and formations
  • Six downloadable artistic swimming lesson plans
Assessment Criteria
This programme does not have an assessment.