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Dive into a Rewarding Career: Become a Swimming Teacher or Pool Lifeguard

Posted on 13th May 2024

By Kayle Brightwell, Director of Education at STA

Are you passionate about the water and eager to make a positive impact on others’ lives? Consider the fulfilling journey of becoming a swimming teacher or pool lifeguard! For International Learn to Swim Week, we’ll be diving into why this career path could be the splash of inspiration you’ve been looking for.

  1. Make a Lifesaving Difference: As a lifeguard, you become a silent guardian of the pool, ensuring the safety of swimmers. Your vigilant eyes and quick response can make all the difference in preventing accidents and saving lives. There’s an unmatched sense of fulfilment in knowing that your skills are crucial in emergency situations.
  2. Be a Confidence Builder: Teaching someone to swim is like granting them access to a whole new world. As a swimming teacher, you have the power to boost confidence, instil a lifelong skill, and overcome fears associated with water. Witnessing your participants progress from timid beginners to confident swimmers is an incredibly rewarding experience.
  3. Stay Active and Healthy: Say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle! Both swimming teachers and lifeguards enjoy an active work environment. You’ll be in and around the water, promoting physical fitness not just for others but for yourself as well. It’s a great way to stay in shape while doing something you love.
  4. Develop Leadership Skills: Whether guiding a swimming class or managing pool safety, these roles develop strong leadership skills. You’ll learn to make quick decisions, communicate effectively, and handle diverse situations. These skills are not just valuable in your professional life but can be applied to various aspects of your personal growth.
  5. Join a Supportive Community: The world of swimming education and lifeguarding is a tight-knit community. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your passion for water safety and teaching. The camaraderie among colleagues and the sense of shared purpose creates a supportive work environment.
  6. Opportunities for Growth: Starting as a swimming teacher or lifeguard opens up various career pathways within the aquatic industry and leisure sector. You can progress to become a lead swimming teacher, aquatics co-ordinator, duty manager, team leader, fitness instructor or even take on management positions within facilities. The opportunities are diverse, allowing you to tailor your career based on your interests and strengths.
  7. Learn While You Earn: If you are studying at college or university, working as a swimming teacher or lifeguard offers flexible hours and gives you the opportunity to learn while you earn.
  8. Bridge the Gap: Many people, especially children, lack access to proper swimming and water safety education. By becoming a swimming teacher, you contribute to bridging this gap and provide a valuable life skill to those who may not have had the opportunity otherwise. It’s a chance to make a positive impact on your community.
Where do I Start?

The first step is to gain your swimming teaching or pool lifeguard qualification.
STA offers high quality professional qualifications which are endorsed against the CIMSPA Professional Standards, which mean they meet the professional standards developed by employers and industry experts for swimming teachers and pool lifeguards, in relation to what learners need to know, understand and demonstrate in order to be ‘work-ready’ when completing a qualification.

STA Award in Swimming Teaching – Qualifies you to teach the essential swimming skills, water safety and all four key strokes to participants. They are able to plan, deliver, assess and evaluate lessons for adult and child participants.

STA Award in Pool Lifeguarding – designed to train learners in all aspects of pool rescue, CPR techniques, first aid, dealing with poolside emergencies, and all other skills needed for the role of a modern lifeguard.

More than Just a Swimming Teacher or Pool Lifeguard!

One of the fantastic aspects of becoming a swimming teacher or pool lifeguard is the flexibility it offers. Both roles often have part-time and flexible scheduling options, allowing you to work alongside your school or college commitments. This flexibility provides an excellent opportunity to gain work experience, earn income, and develop valuable life skills while pursuing your education.

However, swimming teaching and pool lifeguarding are not just part-time jobs; they offer meaningful professional roles with significant career progression opportunities.
With experience, you can move into leadership roles, overseeing swimming programmes, managing lifeguard teams, or co-ordinating aquatic activities.

Working as a swimming teacher or pool lifeguard also teaches effective time management, a skill that is transferable to academic endeavours and a skill valued by employers. The balance between education and work can create a well-rounded individual, fostering responsibility and resilience.

Moreover, the physical activity involved in these roles can complement a student’s lifestyle, promoting a healthy work-life balance. It’s a win-win situation that not only supports personal development but also contributes to the community by enhancing water safety and swimming education.

The demand for qualified swimming teachers and lifeguards is consistent. As communities recognise the importance of water safety and swimming, professionals in these roles enjoy job stability. This stability provides a secure foundation for a long and rewarding career.

STA have a designated job search, to find a role within your local area visit Jobs in Leisure

This would be my first job, will I be supported?

Absolutely! Many aquatic facilities prioritise supporting and training individuals, especially those entering the field for the first time, they recognise you’re at the starting point and need to gain experience with support.

Safety is a top priority in aquatic environments as part of your induction into the role, you will receive thorough training on emergency procedures, and established protocols. Regular safety drills and updates ensure that you’re well-prepared to handle any situation that may arise, and you will not be on your own. Swimming teachers and pool lifeguards work as part of a team, you’ll find a collaborative environment where colleagues support each other whether this is during a shift, during training or when dealing within an incident. Whether you’re a swimming teacher or pools lifeguard, being part of a team ensures that you have people to turn to for assistance or guidance.

Starting your career as a swimming teacher or pool lifeguard, you can expect a supportive environment that values your growth and development. Embrace the learning opportunities, communicate openly, and enjoy the experience of contributing to water safety and education. You’re not just gaining a job; you’re entering a community that understands the importance of support for those starting their professional journey.

So, why wait? Dive into the fulfilling world of swimming education and lifeguarding. Your passion for water can become the catalyst for transforming lives and ensuring safer, more confident communities. Embrace the wave of opportunity and embark on a career that not only shapes your future but creates a ripple effect of positive change for others.

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