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Education and Training

Education and Training is an introductory teaching qualification and can be taken by individuals who are not currently within a teaching role as there is no practice requirement other than microteaching.

The qualification makes it ideal for those that aspire to become teachers, or those who have only just started in the profession. The role of a teacher in the education and training sector is a varied one, it involves planning, delivering and evaluating sessions that meet the needs of the learners and the requirements of the course. It includes record keeping and giving feedback.

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Check back regularly for the latest information on Education and Training courses near you.

Alternatively, you also have the following options when it comes to organising a course:

  1. Find an approved training centre (ATC) near to you who will be able to organise a course. You can find ATCs via the STA Search facility .
  2. Your organisation can become an ATC and organise your own courses.

For further information and advice about organising courses, please contact us.