Teaching of Diving on Swimming Teaching Courses

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It is a requirement for certain STA swimming teaching courses that the teaching of poolside diving is taught to trainee swimming teachers.

The industry guidelines, as set out in Diving and Jumping in Swimming Pools and Open Water Areas, state that the teaching of diving should only take place in a pool with a minimum vertical water depth of 1.8 metres and a forward clearance of no less than 7.6 metres.

If the pool facility does not meet the minimum pool requirements of a vertical water depth of 1.8 metres and a forward clearance 7.6 metres, the course tutor/organiser has two options:

  • Preferred option: The diving elements of the swimming teaching course are undertaken at another pool that conforms to the industry guidelines.
  • Alternative option, only if the preferred option is not possible: Competent divers can be used for the demonstration of the diving practices provided they hold STA Competition Starts & Turns Level 1 Award or the ASA Competitive Start Award and there is a minimum vertical water depth of 1.5 metres and a forward clearance 7.6 metres.
Note: Where the depth is appropriate but ‘No Diving’ signs are displayed on poolside, written permission to dive must be obtained from the pool operator.
Important: Courses can only be run if these requirements are met.

Last Updated: 14th November 2012

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