Recording of EQA Visits and Meetings

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Since the launch of the new regulatory requirements in July 2021, some Approved Training Centres (ATCs) may already be aware that Safety Training Awards (STA) currently record the remote EQA meetings for quality assurance and purposes.

Following on from the release of December’s Train and Save newsletter and the release of the updated EQA monitoring activities for 2022, STA would like to inform all ATCs that we will continue to record all EQA monitoring activities for quality assurance and regulatory auditing purposes, including face to face EQA visits.

We would appreciate the ATCs co-operation and support with this process, however we also understand that on occasions the recording of a face-to-face visit or remote meeting may not always be suitable for the ATC, ATC staff, course, venue etc… therefore The ATC Co-ordinator / ATC staff may decline the use of recording. If this is the case please inform the team prior to the appointment or notify the EQA at the start of the monitoring activity.


It is the policy of Safety Training Awards that appropriate measures are taken to ensure that all video recordings of EQA visits is undertaken in compliance of the legal requirements under the Data Protection Act 2018 and related regulations regarding data or personal privacy.

This policy applies to recordings made via:

  • A bodycam during EQA visits, and;
  • Zoom / Microsoft Team recordings for virtual meetings.


  • All recordings will contain some personal data and is therefore covered under the Data Protection Act 2018. As such, all use of recording will be in accordance with the seven data protection principles, and respect the privacy rights of the data subjects.
  • Further information regarding the recording of assessments which include children, young people or vulnerable adults is covered under the STA Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Policy.
  • Notification of when recording is taking place will always be provided prior to a meeting commencing, and where the recording is not essential, attendees have the opportunity to decline to be recorded, or to use an audio only recording where appropriate and agreed.

Storage and Security

Full details on how video recording data is stored, secured and used can be found on STA’s Privacy Policy.

Last Updated: 24th February 2022