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Body Position by Straight-Line Swimming ©

Second in a series of CPDs from Straight-Line Swimming, which has been created by double open water 10 km world champion and silver Olympic medallist Keri-anne Payne and triple Olympian David Carry with the aim of helping swimming teachers and coaches to be able to coach the key steps to improve swimmers body position and make them more efficient in the water.

This CPD is also endorsed by CIMSPA, industry leaders in sport and physical activity, for 1 developmental CPD point.

CPD Value
1 Point
Validity of Programme
This programme does not expire.
Length of Programme
Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.
Programme Information
This programme covers:

  • Why body position is so important—we take you through the key steps to coach swimmers and improve their position to make them more efficient in the water
  • Our SWIM coaching approach—explanation of our coaching approach and why it is the best way to improve performance; we will also help you assess your swimmers ahead of their first session so you can best prepare for your sessions
  • The steps to efficient body position—the detailed steps to assess and improve body position for swimmers of any level:
    • Part 1—The Fundamentals
    • Part 2—First Timers
    • Part 3—Swim Fitters
    • Part 4—Time Chasers.
Assessment Criteria
This programme does not have an assessment.