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STA’s Build a Pool Conference

If you’re an independent swim school and/or swimming teacher who would like to build, run and manage your very own facility to maximise on your lesson capacity, access professional guidance on where to start and the process itself in this series of recordings.

This programme contains a full webinar recording of STA’s Build a Pool Conference which has already taken place, delivered on 20th November 2020.

Topics include:

Martyn Hardy

Session title: Planning and designing your own swimming pool with COVID considerations

The opportunity for all swim schools to access pool time is getting more restrictive by the day! Surely now is the time to take control of your own destiny by refurbishing an existing pool or even consider building your own? Find out more about new design implications due to the pandemic – one-way systems, avoiding pinch points particularly in small provisions and more!

Robbie Phillips

Session title: Build requirements to provide swim schools with a safe practical environment

This session will cover:

  • Filtration
  • Chemical dosing
  • Water hydraulics
  • Services required gas, electric, water, discharge
  • Ancillary plant accommodation pool plant and chemical storage
  • Ventilation update.

Michael Walker

Session title: My pool build – Start to finish and adapting post COVID

Providing experiences from each stage of the build, detailing costings – planning – challenges we overcame – adaptation – looking to the future & the final result.

The presentation will look to provide a hindsight view of what we could have done differently and opportunities having/building your own pool and site can provide especially in the current climate for anyone thinking of building their own pool.

Finally, the presentation will look into not just the difficulties COVID-19 presented but also the opportunities & how the changes made to our facility will aid us with future prospects.

  1. Where we began & how our build became a reality
  2. Planning from scratch, costing & important factors impacting our ambition
  3. Adaptation of ideas and reality of build role appointment
  4. Challenges we overcame & areas to look out for
  5. The final result & looking to the future
  6. Looking back & the opportunities currently open to swim school owners
  7. Overlooking both the difficulty & opportunity COVID-19 placed upon our business.

Russell Sparks

Session title: Swim Centre Wales – A Self-Build Pool in Carmarthenshire

As the 3 year journey to complete our own new pool nears the end this seminar will give a full behind the scenes update on how to build a pool for yourself.

Grants, planning, legal and equipment. The details, the stumbling blocks and the current project status as the official opening in planned for November 2020!

CPD Value
1 Point
Validity of Programme
This programme does not expire.
Length of Programme
Approximately 4 hours 30 minutes.
Assessment Criteria


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