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STA Update Regarding Lifesaving Ongoing Training and Competency Assessment (OTCA) Supporting Resources

Posted on 11th July 2022

STA is pleased to provide supporting resources for Pool Lifeguards and Pool Emergency Responders Ongoing Training and Competency Assessments (OTCA).

The resources include suggested schemes of work for each qualification covering the complete syllabus as well as an editable attendance register which can be downloaded from STA Online.

The training schedule on i-tus has also been updated for standardisation.

STA recommends that training sessions should cover elements of Theory, CPR, First Aid and Pool Skills. Pool operators should conduct a risk assessment to determine the frequency of training as this will vary depending on how often rescuers practise and/or use their skills, individual rescuer health and fitness, any changes to work environment or current industry standards, or following a review of an incident.

The schemes of work provide tutors with suggested topics covering the complete qualification syllabus as a guide for session content. Pool operators / tutors can adapt these to suit their needs, however, must ensure the qualification syllabus is covered prior to revalidation.

Note: Rescuers should be able to demonstrate competence wearing their work clothing. Pool operators / tutors should also include ‘real life’ scenarios, site-specific content, and fitness training.

The attendance register is a record of rescuer ongoing training and competency and must be retained as per pool operators’ policies and procedures. It can be used as evidence of prior learning when revalidating the qualification where a minimum of:

  • 16 hours over 24 months covering the complete Pool Emergency Responder syllabus is required.
  • 24 hours over 36 months covering the complete Pool Lifeguard syllabus is required.

In order to be deemed competent, the rescuer must independently demonstrate the stated skills and knowledge to expected assessment standards. The tutor must fully complete the attendance record and by signing the register which confirms the record of training and competency is valid, authentic, sufficient, current and reliable.

Please note, there is also a Return-to-Work Competency and Assessment for Pool Lifeguards and Pool Emergency Responders which can be used for interview assessments, new employee’s or to assess employees who are returning to work following an absence.

If you have any questions regarding this update, please do not hesitate to contact us.