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Updated STA Award for Pool Emergency Responder Resource Manual

Posted on 27th June 2022

STA is pleased to announce the launch of the updated STA Award for Pool Emergency Responder Resource Manual.

The resource manual has been updated into a high-quality book-bound printed manual featuring a vibrant new design and easy-to-follow chapter layout. It also includes the first aid skills required for the qualification, meaning learners have all the qualification information in one resource manual. Following this change, STA are really pleased to now be able to offer the Pool Emergency Responder resource manual as an electronic e-manual.

The updated manual is available now within the STA Swim Shop in e-manual or hard copy format.

There have been no changes to the technical content, however following feedback within the pool section the management of a simulated emergency situation has been included. This is a holistic assessment which allows tutors to assess and evaluate a learner’s communication skills, knowledge of pool rules, hazard awareness, problem solving / using initiative as well as practical rescue skills. This assessment can also be used to assess elements of the first aid assessment criteria. If a learner competently demonstrates the recognition and treatment of a first aid injury or condition within this simulated incident, the tutor can mark this on the tutor assessed skills sheet.

The supporting qualification resources have been updated and rebranded to reflect the resource manual design and refer to the new page numbers where applicable. The updated resources are available to download from STA Online now.

The new resources include:

  • Assessment Strategy
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Tutor Assessed Skills Sheet
  • Suggested Timetable
  • Qualification Specification.

The new resource manual and supporting resources must be used from 1st September 2022.

Although the new resource manual is available from the swim shop, ATCs can use their current stock of the current manual and supporting first aid manual. However, from 1st September all ATCs must use the new resource manual and supporting resources.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.