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STA Update Regarding the use of Goggles during Lifesaving Training and Assessments

Posted on 26th May 2022

Following member feedback, STA would like to clarify the use of goggles during lifesaving training and assessments. In a ‘real life’ situation, learners would be unable to put goggles on before making a rescue which should be reflected during competency training and assessments.

Therefore, the use of goggles are not permitted during the practical pool assessment for all lifesaving qualifications and are not recommended during training.

The qualification assessment strategies for the lifesaving qualifications have been updated to reflect this procedure and can now be downloaded from STA Online.

Prescription glasses and contact lenses may be worn by a learner, if the learner would be wearing these in a ‘real life’ situation and it is safe to do so. In this circumstance, ATC’s should undertake a risk assessment highlighting any additional risks posed to the learner. The learner should seek appropriate advice from their optician and the care of glasses or contact lenses is the responsibility of the learner.

A reasonable adjustments and special considerations form must be submitted to Safety Training Awards via the ATC’s Synergy account, if a learner requires the use of prescription goggles during training and assessment. If you have any questions regarding this update, please do not hesitate to contact us.