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Updated STA Award for Safety Award for Teachers Qualification

Posted on 10th January 2022

STA is pleased to announce the launch of the updated Safety Award for Teachers qualification.
To ensure Safety Training Awards’ (STA) Safety Award for Teachers qualification is robust, fit for purpose, informative, as well as meeting the regulatory requirements, there have been changes and redevelopment of the qualification.

The new qualification will replace STA’s current STA Award in Safety Award for Teachers and is titled:

  • STA Level 2 Award for Safety Award for Teachers (STA SAT)

There have been no significant changes to the technical content, however the qualification unit has been updated following research and feedback to include the management of a simulated emergency situation as well as common aquatic first aid skills. The qualification supporting resources have been updated and rebranded to reflect these changes and are available to download from STA Online now.

The new resources include:

  • STA Safety Award for Teachers Resource Manual
  • Assessment Strategy
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Tutor Assessed Skills Sheet
  • MCQ Assessment Papers
  • Qualification Specification.

The resource manual has been updated into the high-quality book-bound printed manual featuring a vibrant new design and easy-to-follow chapter layout. The updated manual is available now within the STA Swim Shop in e-manual or hard copy format.

In order to deliver or assess the new STA Safety Award for Teachers qualification, tutors must complete the FREE online STA Safety Award for Teachers Tutor Upskill programme. The upskill holds a CPD value of ½ point and includes information on the course content, changes and assessment requirements.

All registered courses until 31st March 2022 will be honoured however any course registered from 1st February 2022 or delivered after 1st April 2022 must be registered as the new qualification.

The new resources and assessment materials must be used when delivering the new STA Award for Safety Award for Teachers qualification. Any centre who wishes to transfer current registered courses to the new qualifications, please contact Safety Training Awards.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.