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Reasonable Adjustment Requests in Relation to First Aid Training

Posted on 9th September 2021

Recently the First Aid Awarding Organisation Forum (FAAOF), First Aid Quality Partnership (FAQP) and Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK) created a joint statement relating to reasonable adjustments and special considerations within first aid training.

As part of the FAAOF, Safety Training Awards (STA) is pleased to share this joint statement to clarify what is an acceptable, or indeed unacceptable reasonable adjustment request in relation to first aid training. This will ensure standardisation across Approved Training Centres (ATCS) and organisations when making judgements on reasonable adjustment requests.

Two acceptable adjustments STA would like to highlight to ATCs and tutors are:

  • If the learner has difficulty kneeling on the floor, they may practise with the manikin on a table or chair if it is safe to do so. In real life, the casualty is highly likely to fall to the floor, so the learner must demonstrate CPR and the safe use of an AED with the manikin on the floor at least once. Padding such as a folded coat may be provided to kneel on during the assessment. When using an AED trainer, the learner must perform the skill without assistance from a third party.
  • Arthritic wrists (among other conditions) can cause an inability for the learner to bend their wrists back. Alternative techniques are acceptable – the main measure of success should be the ability to safely and effectively compress the chest at the correct depth and rate, whilst applying pressure to the lower half of the sternum.

These acceptable reasonable adjustments allow tutors to implement the adjustment during the course.

To view the full joint statement relating to reasonable adjustments and special considerations please see,

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