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Notification for Approved Training Centres (ATC): Completion of Outstanding Courses

Posted on 16th August 2021

Over the last 16 months, Approved Training Centres (ATC) have been permitted to offer the theory aspects of a qualification via remote delivery and delay the completion of the practical aspects and assessment due to the pandemic.

From 31st December 2021, delayed assessments will not be permitted, and all outstanding learners will need to have completed their practical assessment and gain their qualification by this date.

STA appreciates there are still many pools which have not reopened or have limited availability and have tried to accommodate this as much as possible with the specified timeframe to support ATCs in achieving this. Unfortunately, regulatory and industry assessment adaptions policies are coming to an end and therefore learners must have the opportunity to complete their qualification.

For outstanding courses, where learners have undertaken the theory but still have incomplete results, learners will need to be assessed and results submitted by 31st December 2021 in order for learners to gain their qualification. If there has been a significant delay between a learner completing the theory and practical assessment, ATCs should arrange sufficient refresher training. This ensures learners are assessed on their up-to-date knowledge and skills, for a fair and valid assessment.

Once an ATC has arranged the practical assessment, STA must be notified of the date and corresponding course reference number, to ensure the new practical assessment date is correct and up to date on the system. Please can ATCs email Approved Training Centre Management at as soon as the practical date has been set.

If an ATC has a course registered on STA Online which has not been completed as it was cancelled, please can we request that the ATC goes onto their STA Online account, into their course builder and cancels the course so we know that there are no outstanding learners for this course.

We can and will continue to allow ATCs to deliver the theory aspects of the qualifications by remote delivery, where applicable. However, when registering a course, ATCs will have to confirm the practical assessment date set and this date must be within a reasonable timeframe of the theory delivery.

Special considerations will still be available for when unforeseen circumstances arise.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.