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Assessment Materials Timeframes and Approved Training Centre Procedures

Posted on 4th November 2019

Technical Notice

Launch Date: 1st January 2020

Safety Training Awards (STA) would like to inform all Approved Training Centres (ATC’s) of the revised requirements for registering courses with sufficient notice in order for STA to despatch assessment materials.

Ideally STA requires ATC’s, where possible to register courses with at least 5 working days notice. This gives STA ample time to review and approve the Tutors, Assessors, Internal Quality Assurer’s (IQA) on Synergy, process and despatch assessment materials and where applicable review reasonable adjustment requests. STA appreciate that sometimes last-minute bookings are unforeseen and STA will continue to support ATC’s with this. However, for any courses that are registered within 2 working days of the course assessment date, there is a late fee of £30.00, this applies to any courses which require a multiple-choice assessment (MCQ) paper, this is due to the next day delivery fees.

Results Submission

ATC’s are responsible for submitting course paperwork, including learner results via STA Online. This must be completed within 10 working days of the course assessment date.

If course paperwork is required by STA for moderation, this will need to be submitted within the same specified timeframe, however, STA do appreciate if Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) activity is being conducted, this may not be possible. The ATC must contact their Centre Administrator at STA to confirm possible timeframes for submission.

Learner results must be submitted within 10 working days.

STA aim to complete the moderation monitoring activities within 10 working days from the date of submission, however if any issues arise that may cause a delay in meeting the deadline this will be communicated with the ATC Co-ordinator as soon as this is known.

Where STA require any further information, evidence or questions to be re-answered by the learners to show full competency, the ATC Co-ordinator will be contacted and given 5 working days to supply the additional information, an extension may be requested if required. The ATC Co-ordinator must contact their Centre Administrator at STA to apply for an extension.

For further information about the moderation procedures, ATCs may request a copy of the Safety Training Awards Moderation Policy.

If you have any questions please contact us.