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Free Mandatory Webinars for IQAs Coming Soon

Posted on 10th May 2019

Safety Training Awards has scheduled two free mandatory webinars for Wednesday 15th May 2019 and Wednesday 19th June 2019 to assist centre co-ordinators, current internal quality assurers (IQAs) and those who are interested in becoming an IQA.

These webinars are mandatory for all IQAs to support them with maintaining their CPD. If you are unable to attend on the dates these webinars are scheduled for, recordings will be available on our website to view and participate in the tasks set out in the webinars. We are requesting that you still register against both webinars even if you are unable to watch them live. Failure to participate may result in IQA status being removed.

Hosted by Ellie Elliott, an experienced External Quality Assurer (EQA), these free webinars will cover the following topics:

Wednesday 15th May 2019 14:00–15:30

Roles and Responsibilities of an IQA

This will ensure an understanding of, and help support, all those who are carrying out internal quality assurance monitoring activities.

Preparation for Conducting IQA Monitoring Activities Within an ATC

To support the understanding of how to prepare for effective internal quality assurance monitoring activities within an ATC.

Wednesday 19th June 2019 14:00–15:30

Reporting of Internal Quality Assurance Evidence

This will cover what evidence must be documented to make sure the IQA monitoring activities are valid, accurate, sufficient, consistent, reliable and effective.


To assist in understanding the regulatory requirements for IQA monitoring which supports and maintains the level of compliance for ATCs and the awarding organisation.

Register for Webinar

It is essential that IQAs maintain their CPD on an annual basis to support their IQA status with Safety Training Awards. Current IQAs will be expected to complete a workbook following each webinar to evidence their knowledge and understanding of internal quality assurance processes. Completed workbooks must be submitted to Safety Training Awards for assessment, and ½ CPD point will be awarded upon completion of each workbook.

Failure to complete the IQA CPD workbooks may result in IQA status being removed.