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Changes to the Safety Award for Teachers Assessment Method

Posted on 2nd May 2019

Due to recent member feedback we are pleased to announce that from the 27th May 2019, the STA Level 2 Award in Safety Award for Teachers (SAT) qualification will be assessed by practical demonstration and a 16-question multiple choice question (MCQ) assessment paper.

The SAT qualification is part of Safety Training Awards' suite of regulated lifesaving qualifications. As a regulated qualification, we must ensure it has a robust, valid and manageable assessment process, which allows learners to demonstrate their practical competency as well as evidence their knowledge.

We understand the current portfolio method has not been manageable for approved training centres and we have therefore developed the new assessment method with supporting resources.

Learners will be required to complete the MCQ assessment paper within 30 minutes, under examination conditions and achieve a pass mark of 13 out of 16. If a learner fails the assessment paper, they must retake another paper within 6 weeks of the assessment date. All retakes must be registered with Safety Training Awards.

The new MCQ assessment papers have a separate learner answer sheet to the question assessment paper and a tutor marking sheet. These will be sent in a sealed envelope directly to the centre and must only be opened at the start of the assessment. All learner assessment papers and all unused learner answer sheets must be returned to Safety Training Awards. Centres will require an additional person (who is external to the course) to second mark and sign the learner answer papers.

With the implementation of MCQ assessment papers, there is no longer a requirement for a learner portfolio, reducing the amount of paperwork a centre is required to retain. To record evidence of a learner’s practical competency, a tutor assessed skills sheet has been created and is available via STA Online—as well as the pre-course application form and post-course feedback form. The course presentation and timetable have been also been updated accordingly.

Please note that the Safety Award for Teachers resource manual has not been changed.
Resources Required for the Course
ATC to Download ATC to Purchase From STA Swim-Shop STA to Send
  • Pre-Course Application Form
  • Post-Course Feedback Form
  • SAT Tutor Assessed Skills Sheet
  • STA Provisional Results Confirmation Sheet
  • Safety Award for Teachers Resource Manual
  • Safety Award for Teachers multiple choice question assessment paper, including learner answer paper and tutor marking sheet
What to Do With the Resources Post-Course
ATC to Keep Return to STA
  • Pre-Course Application Forms
  • SAT Tutor Assessed Skills Sheets
  • All used learner answer papers
  • Tutor marking sheet
  • Post-Course Feedback Forms
  • All SAT multiple choice question assessment papers
  • All unused learner answer papers

Centres will be sent the assessment papers for all courses registered to start on or after the 27th May 2019.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.