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Membership for Candidates on Overseas Courses

Posted on 4th April 2017

Following a recent review into qualification standards by STA, it has been determined that in order to meet all necessary requirements set by Ofqual for the delivery of our qualifications, the pre-requisites must remain consistent between courses organised within the UK and those organised overseas.

Therefore, in the case of STA courses being organised overseas, it is now a requirement that candidates apply for membership of the STA where this is a listed pre-requisite for the qualification.

For candidates attending overseas courses, membership will cost £10.00 and will be an annual subscription, as is the case with UK membership. Overseas members will benefit from the following:

Notably, the public liability insurance offered with membership in the UK covers work undertaken by UK residents within the European Union geographical limits only; for this reason public liability insurance is not offered with overseas membership.

Membership for overseas candidates can be applied for using an application form available for course organisers to download via STA Online. All completed applications must be sent to STA along with the Course Registration and Declaration Form. Membership fees will be invoiced direct to the course organiser, or upon request can be invoiced in bulk to the client (as is the case with course manuals).

This change will come into effect for overseas courses commencing from 1st June 2017. We appreciate that course organisers may have already agreed prices for overseas training – however as this is a mandatory requirement, candidates on these courses will need to apply for STA membership if it is a listed pre-requisite for the qualification.

If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.