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Mandatory Baby and Pre-School Submersion Online Programme Available

Posted on 4th April 2017

As part of the research undertaken during the development of the new STA Baby and Pre-School Diploma qualification, STA wants to inform baby and pre-school tutors about the changes which have taken place to the STA submersion policy, and why and how to teach submersions. These changes have been incorporated into the Baby and Pre-School Award course, and the course resources have been updated.

Baby and pre-school swimming lessons should not be primarily outcome- or goal-focused; they should be child-led and based on the needs, feelings and developmental stage of the babies and pre-schoolers within that specific swimming lesson.

STA are offering a free online submersion CPD programme to baby and pre-school swimming teachers and STA tutors in order to update them on STA’s teaching methodology for submersions and the child-led approach we recommend. This programme holds a CPD value of ½ point.

It is strongly recommended that baby and pre-school swimming teachers complete this online programme to maintain their occupational competency. STA aquatic tutors must complete this online programme to continue delivering Baby and Pre-School Award courses.

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The following changes have been made to the Baby and Pre-School Award course resources:

  • Updated baby and pre-school resource manual
  • Updated portfolio (and portfolio worksheet answers)
  • Updated examination papers (and answers)
  • Updated course presentation

These updated resources are now available to download from STA Online.

A list of changes to the Baby and Pre-School Resource Manual is available from STA Online, along with the option to download electronic copies of the amended pages. Alternatively, the updated resource manual can be purchased from STA Swim-Shop.

By April 30th 2017, all baby and pre-school tutors must have completed the online submersion programme and be using the updated paperwork and resources.

Additionally, STA would like to remind tutors that during the practical sessions and practical examination of a baby and pre-school course, candidates must be teaching baby and pre-school learners in an adult-and-child lesson, and not using demonstration dolls.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.