Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is essential for leisure industry professionals to maintain and update their knowledge and skills after qualification.

CPD programmes provide professionals with the latest developments in this rapidly changing industry, and give them opportunities to update personal and professional skills.

Gaining CPD Through Online Learning

STA offer a variety of comprehensive online learning programmes to augment the skill-set of teachers, lifeguards and STA tutors through STA Online.

Many of our online learning programmes offer CPD; explore the full range of online learning programmes STA provides through STA Online.

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Aquaphobia Learning Programme (ALP)

Helping participants gain water confidence is a key role for any swimming teacher and can often be a challenge with those who inherently fear the water.

Created by the UK Academy of Swimming, the Aquaphobia Learning Programme (ALP) is a 12-step progressive programme that swimming teachers can use to help aquaphobic, weak or non-swimmers overcome their fear of water.

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Gaining CPD Through Face-to-Face Seminars

Professionals may also attend face-to-face seminars to gain Continuing Professional Development. The CPD value of face-to-face seminars is dependent upon the length of the seminar – the values are:

Under 4 hours
½ Point
4+ hours
1 Point

A broad range of face-to-face aquatic seminars for leisure professionals to gain CPD can be found on the STA Search facility. The available topics are based on the specialist areas of knowledge of the seminar speakers.

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Aqua Sensory

Aqua Sensory offer STA members a wide range of online learning CPDs to explore sensory discovery play in the early years to expand their knowledge base.

Topics include:

  • Aqua Sensory BABY
  • Aqua Sensory TODDLER
  • Aqua Sensory in Practice
  • Water’s Touch

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Aqua Education

Aqua Education weave together Early Years educational skills, reflex awareness and an understanding of how functional movement underpins all layers of development; offering Swim Professionals a plethora of experiences to evolve into Aqua Educators.

Modules include:

  • Aquatic Reflex Awareness
  • Aquatic Vision Awareness
  • Sensory Movement Awareness
  • The Urge to Submerge
  • Adaptive Inclusion Awareness

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