Water Fitness CPDs

Water Fitness

Diversify your aquatic fitness classes, teaching programme and training portfolio!

STA have partnered with Water Fitness to offer swimming teachers and aquacise instructors the opportunity to add exciting and innovative aquatic exercises to their classes and teaching programme.

Water Fitness have lead aquatic training for over 12 years and with the use of their very own revolutionary aquatic equipment, the demand for the pioneering exercises have grown exceptionally.

STA and Water Fitness now bring you the latest and most popular land based fitness activities for your swimming pool.

The Water Fitness CPD courses, which start from just £59, include Hydro Pole, Hydro Jump, Hydro Fighter, Hydro Circuits, Hydrolates, Hydrorider and Aqua Ante-Natal – plus many more.

Develop your aqua skills and knowledge with Water Fitness and join them on their aquatic revolutionary phenomenon!

Note: Learners can benefit from a discounted fee on STA Membership. Click here to download the membership application form for Water Fitness CPDs.

Bookings must be placed directly on the Water Fitness website .

Available CPDs

Hydro Circuits

1 CPD Point

A circuit class in the pool using different pieces of equipment for each station.

Aqua Ante and Post Natal

1 CPD Point

Extend your existing aquatic knowledge to address the issues and challenges presented by the pregnant/post natal client.

Aqua Training for Shallow and Deep Water

½ CPD Point

Aqua Training for Shallow and Deep Water is for those instructors who like to teach 32 beat routines with a hint of dance and lots of fun functional training.

Aqua High Intensity Interval Training

½ CPD Point

A high energy class from the word go with specifically cut music to help break your class up neatly into recovery and workout segments.

Deck Skills

1 CPD Point

For already qualified instructors in Water Fitness to further their delivery knowledge in aquatics for suspended exercises aquatic movements and aquatic cueing.

Depth Charge

1 CPD Point

A deep water workout including some techniques for deep water running, some deep water aerobic exercises and deep water core and conditioning exercises.

Hydro Lates

1 CPD Point

A pilates style workout with focus on core strength, it’s the ultimate waistline water based workout.

Hydro Pole

1 CPD Point

Created by Hydro Fitness Solutions, this CPD utilises the Water Fitness designed hydro pole training concept.

Hydro Rider

1 CPD Point

An indoor cycling class taken into the water environment to give a fully supported all over body exercise.

Hydro Jump

1 CPD Point

Water Fitness has designed a high intensity, aquatic low joint impact exercise class using the resistance of water to the greatest effect.

Hydro Jump (Kids)

1 CPD Point

Water Fitness has designed a high intensity, aquatic low joint impact exercise class using the resistance of water to the greatest effect.

Hydro Spirit

1 CPD Point

Hydro Spirit is a large range of movement, dynamic session using yoga postures taught in the pool using the buoyancy’s floating effect. It uses supportive properties of water to create a core, balance strength and flexibility session suitable for all levels.

Hydro Fighter

1 CPD Point

Hydro Fighter is a mixed martial arts and boxercise style class adapted for the pool environment.

Silver Surfers

1 CPD Point

Exercises, class structure and music for the 60+.

New Noodle

½ CPD Point

New noodles are one of the most common pieces of equipment used in an aquatic session but so many of us have been doing the same old exercises with them for too many years. This session is designed to show new exercises with this trusty old tool.

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